Free Charm

Medium Size “Get Lucky” Sterling Silver Horse Shoe Charm

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Necklace not included. Made by Rob Hurt, this is a free thank you gift with any purchase over $100.00, not including postage.     

This will be sent in its’ own gift box.

Be sure to grab your piece while the free gift is still in stock!


Beautiful and fun, just adorable!  My medium size “Get Lucky” horseshoes are overflowing with good luck.  It’s called the “Get Lucky” horseshoe with good reason. Perfect for both casual and dressy.  Hand-crafted in non-tarnishing sterling silver. Chain sold separately.

1 gram

3/4 inch tall and 5/8 inch wide

Regular Price $59.00, yours free with any order over $100.00.


“I love that horse shoe you sent as a bonus and I think it’s just adorable.  I saw it had your same hallmarks on it just like the pendant has.”