I would love your feedback and suggestions so please leave a review below so that I can make more of the jewelry you want! Tell us about the piece of Beautiful Horse Jewelry you ordered and tell me what you love about it. I want to make irresistible jewelry that my customers and friends will love and share. Please help me by telling me what you like and don’t like. I value your opinion and your time.  I would so appreciate the feedback on my designs, disc sizes, prices, and different pieces you would like to see me make, anything!

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Recent Testimonials

“What I like is that that it’s made by Rob Hurt in Marietta, Georgia, not mass produced in some factory somewhere.”

- Robin Rolader

“I love that cute lucky horseshoe pendant he sent as a free bonus, it was even in its’ own gift box. He didn’t buy that pendant from somewhere, he made it for me and it has his hallmarks on it.”

- Hilary Eisman

“This jewelry captures the power and grace of my horse.”

- Anne Higgins

“Wearing these earrings helps me be with my horse, when I’m not with my horse.”

- Margaret Alderman

“I get more compliments with this jewelry than I do with anything else I wear.”

- Jenna Gorden

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