Three Horse Breeds You'll Love

In preparation of our launch, we thought it would be fun to share with you all some facts about our favorite horse breeds. These breeds are the inspiration behind our designs and we would love for you to get to know them the way we do. So here’s a little bit about the beautiful horse breeds known as Arabian, American Quarter, and Thoroughbred!

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The Arabian horse is sleek, muscular, sophisticated, and intelligent, yet has a gentle disposition that keeps them poised as they remain a trusted companion. This middle-eastern beauty is the definition of class, and they are good with people. Arabians are quick to learn, curious, and can be sensitive. Because Arabians are traditionally bread for speed, they are sometimes referred to as the “hot breed.”

If you’re looking for physical perfection, Arabians are close to it. They are also exceptional in strength and endurance. Arabian horses are uniquely tied to the history of humankind and are said to have been a human companion for thousands of years. It is also said that the Arabian is one of the oldest breeds of horse today, with archaeological evidence dating back to over 4,000 years.

According to Horses and Fouls, “Arabians are incredibly versatile horses. They excel in endurance riding because of their stamina, but are also fantastic for showing, jumping, in hand and driving competitions. The showy look of an [Arabian] lends itself well to crowd pleasing, so they have been used extensively in films and parades. [Arabians] are also used on search and rescue teams as well as therapeutic riding.”

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American Quarter

Quarter Horses are known for their wonderful temperaments. They are said to be sensible, calm, safe, and easy to train and mount. These horses are focused and do not get distracted very easily. They are dependable horses and also known to be cunning. If you are a beginner rider, this breed may be your go to!

Per Horses and Fouls, “the American Quarter Horse’s name comes from its ability to outdistance other horse breeds in ¼ mile races. It is the most popular breed in the US today, and there are over 3 million Quarter Horses registered. The Quarter Horse came about through breeding between the Thoroughbred and “native” horses in the US, which in turn came from horses descended from Spanish stock. Quarter horses (due to being crossed with Western horses as well as Mustangs), had an innate “cattle sense” making them perfect for workers on ranches on the newly settled new world.”

“This exceptionally versatile American Quarter Horse excels as a working, family, and show horse, equally comfortable on the trail and on the farm. They were once very popular as working cow horses because of their renowned "cow sense"; in modern times, their abilities shine in rodeo events such as reining, cutting, team penning, and speed games,” says The Spruce Pets.

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Thoroughbreds are also considered to be a “hot” spirited horse breed. They are intelligent, high-spirited and are known to be friendly and people-oriented. Though they do well with people, this breed does best with more established riders.

“The Thoroughbred is perhaps one of the most well known horse breeds, because it is the main breed used in horse racing. Racing has been going on for centuries; as far back as 1174 it has been documented! The thoroughbred breed as we know it is influenced by Oriental stallions such as the Arabian, Barb and the Turk, and all Thoroughbreds today trace their roots back to three stallions imported to England from the Middle East. The official stud book for the breed was created in 1791,” states Horses and Fouls.

The thoroughbreds are primarily used as a racing horses. This breed is extremely athletic and per Horse and Foul, “it excels at other athletic sports such as showjumping, dressage and eventing. Many of the horses ridden in the Olympics or the Grand Prix are Thoroughbreds or crosses.”

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